I Love My Educational Experience at TechFied University

Robert Shear – California, USA

My job in the IT field has always been demanding. Every day brings new challenges with it. With market being so competitive and work expectations so high, it is not always easy to stand out among your peers. After working for years in the same job role, when some of my colleagues got promoted, I realized something was wrong with me. With so many individuals holding the same bachelor’s degree like mine, it occurred to me that it is not enough. After speaking to my friends and colleagues who got promoted or got a new better job, I found out that a master’s degree and additional certifications are essential if you wish to move ahead.

I Love My Educational Experience at TechFied University

I made up my mind and on a friend’s suggestion enrolled at TechFied University for a master’s degree in Information technology. To tell you the truth, I was amazed by the overall environment of the virtual classroom. The consultants were always there to help you out in problems. I thoroughly enjoyed my educational experience at TechFied University. While working full-time, I had some time constraints but the flexibility and support provided by TechFied University made everything smooth for me. When I meet people who are struggling with the decision of continuing their education, I recommend TechFied to them.

Ryan Mills –London, UK

TechFied online education have been great for me so far! I can attend my classes and do my coursework before I leave for my office, after I get back home from work or even on the weekends. It’s entirely up to me and I love it. It is great way to get my education while maintaining my full-time employment. I would be happy to recommend TechFied University to anyone, especially if they are working. I recommended TechFied to my wife and she started her degree last month too.

The most valuable thing to me offered by TechFied University has been the flexibility. TechFied offers an educational solution that helps you to work at a job fulltime and still get your degree in a reasonable amount of time by using the resources you already have. I am not sure if there are any other online schools like TechFied, where you can graduate as quickly and at the same time get top quality education.

I am pretty sure that my learning will help me in getting to an advanced level position in project management. When I graduate, I will walk away from a recognized and reputable university with a degree that employers value. You come out of TechFied University ready for the job market.