I realized my dream of becoming an Interior Designer through TechFied!

Haylay Phelan –Perth, Australia

I had the passion to be an interior designer. However, I never got time and resources to study for interior designing. Lacking proper credentials and necessary knowledge in this field was the main hindrance to having a career as an interior designer. TechFied University have helped me to pursue my degree and the interior design program at TechFied University is exceptional. Whether you have a background in arts and design or not, you will find courses and instructors that will help you in acquiring necessary knowledge and skills. The curriculum is very much relevant and practical. The flexibility and self-paced nature of studies allowed me to explore areas in which I was particularly interested. My degree opened up multiple opportunities for me while creating a network for my future in the design world. Today, I am thankful I had the opportunity to learn and earn my Interior Design degree at TechFied University.

My experience was truly rewarding at TechFied University!

Patricia Kier – Seattle, USA

I am glad that I chose to study at the TechFied University. My experience was truly rewarding. The convenience and flexibility offered by the interactive learning environment is superb and it allows you to study and work at the same time while fulfilling your other commitments. TechFied University courses are also very useful, practical and relevant and they allow you to learn and develop professionally and personally too.

I realized my dream of becoming an Interior Designer through TechFied!

My degree has opened many opportunities that I never thought I could enter. I have got a whole new level of self-confidence and a sense of worth. Getting a degree and adding it to my resume was pure joy for me. The whole support team at TechFied was incredibly supportive and encouraging and they helped me at each and every step enormously.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending TechFied University to all my friends and telling them about my brilliant study experience.

Duane Vaughan – Seattle, USA

When I first started the MBA program with marketing concentration, I wasn’t really sure about what direction to go for in my career. The thing I knew for sure was that I want a change- a positive one. I did a great deal of research looking for an online program that was accredited, reputable and affordable. TechFied University was the result of my search and I selected it because it is better than many other online institutions in a variety of ways. I found my MBA degree really challenging, exciting and rewarding too with quite enough flexibility to maintain a busy work and family commitments. The courses that are taught during the program are relevant and provide the knowledge that is applicable in the professional world. I am happy to say that towards the end of my degree at TechFied University, I was able to decide my career track and today I am a successful business professional. TechFied University is highly recommended for anyone looking for a flexible, beneficial and convenient online business program.