My Career Progression wouldn’t have been Possible without TechFied!

Matt Lewis – Florida, USA

I always wanted to go ahead in my academic life and earn a higher education degree. I knew I had skill-set and potential but without a degree on my resume, my options were so limited. I tried getting my degree in past too and attended few traditional schools too but I had difficulty in managing my time and work and family responsibilities. I was really frustrated at the slow pace of traditional schools. They were so boring and I felt that I was wasting my time. Then, I found about TechFied University. I really liked the time frame that TechFied offer. It is completely up to you how soon you want to complete your degree. The degree programs were accelerated and fast-paced. They not only accepted my credits also gave me additional credits for my extensive work experience. Man, I was so pleased when I got to know about that.

Matt Lewis

Today, I am really happy with my career progression after getting a real degree. I am really happy with what I am today and how I am able to fulfill my aspirations. This wouldn’t have been possible without TechFied University. Thank you TechFied!

TechFied University’s Associate Degree Program has Made Me More Informed than Ever!

Sandra Richard – Atlanta, USA

I enrolled at TechFied University to earn an Associate Degree in Business. I have a family and work full-time. I would have never attended college if it was not for TechFied University. I loved the flexibility and convenience that TechFied offers for its students. The whole educational program is completely self-paced and it’s totally on you how soon you want your education to be finished. The course instructors are helpful and professional and the course curriculum is relevant and updated. Whatever I have learned in my classes, I am already using in my job. Earning my degree has made me more informed on key subjects such as international business, marketing and management, quality control, project management and information technology. I have gained much more self-confidence now. I am also planning to receive a bachelor’s in business from TechFied University very soon!