My Educational Experience at TechFied University was Terrific!

Adam R. – San Jose, USA

I completed my Associates of Criminal Justice in Private Security earlier this year and now I am working on my bachelor of science in criminal justice with the same major. The whole experience of studying at TechFied University was terrific. I was not expecting it actually but it exceeded my expectations. The curriculum is quite useful and the concepts you learn are the same ones that any Ivy League school or any graduate school would cover. If you talk about me I have been able to apply what I have learned to become even more successful in my field. This school’s schedule works well with my busy lifestyle. I am never overwhelmed with the workload, as it is completely up to you how soon you want to finish your degree. It’s not about the quantity of work, it’s the quality. I am glad to be student of TechFied University.

My Educational Experience at TechFied University was Terrific!

Janette Hanson –Florida, USA

If you ask me to define TechFied in few words that would be: affordable, self-paced, and effective. I can’t think of a better way to learn. I came across TechFied University when I was looking for an online university to pursue my bachelor’s in nursing. Enrolling at this University is the best thing I have ever done. The online capability that TechFied University offer is simply superb. It offered me the flexibility that I needed as a full-time worker. It gives individuals like me, an affordable way to pursue education online, without compromising their jobs. The courses are informative and provide sound knowledge of the relevant fields. My studies are helping me a lot in enhancing my patient treatment skills. I would be soon re-joining TechFied for my master’s degree too.

TechFied University’s Global Presence is Amazing!

Noah Abigail – Sydney, Australia

Starting studies all over again after 10 years seemed a daunting prospect for me 1 year back. Going back to a traditional school and then taking classes was impossible for me while doing two jobs. I chose online studying and I knew that I would have to make a lot of compromises and efforts to actually get my degree. However with TechFied University, it was really smooth and not that tough as I had imagined. The way TechFied University delivers its education is quite adaptable for anyone like me. When I started my education, I filled the application form in one country and studied while living in another. For a short period of time I also travelled to a third world country but not even for a day I was worried about missing my class or completing my coursework. This is the greatest plus point of TechFied that you don’t have to worry wherever you are. Plus, TechFied University mobile classrooms are really a blessing for students like me who are always on move. I am really glad to be finally graduating and I am really happy to achieve my academic goals by getting an MBA degree. I am sure this is going to help me in advancing my career. My business knowledge has improved a lot and I am all set to step into the professional world. The MBA program that I have chosen came across as the best choice for me at exactly the right time.