TechFied University – A Recommendation for All My Colleagues!

Kevin Chen – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, US

I am in my final year of bachelor’s at TechFied University. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and currently working on my thesis. My experience at TechFied University has been simply terrific. The knowledge and exposure that I gained, the relationships that I made and the guidance that I received have all contributed towards making me the person that I am today. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in the company of such highly talented and qualified teachers who helped me realize my potential through their guidance and support. Additionally, the structure of the university’s degree program is very sound; it comprises all academic theories related to a particular field of study. These are then combined with real-life insight meant to equip students with an informed perspective about their surroundings.

TechFied University, through its well-designed processes and state-of-the-art technology, provides students with the means to connect with faculty members who provide guidance and support in our concerned areas of the curriculum. This guarantees convenience and flexibility to the entire student body.

TechFied University – A Recommendation for All My Colleagues!

I chose TechFied because it provides the perfect balance between personal and professional life. The online classes at TechFied University can be easily accessed and are extremely affordable. I am quite certain that after earning my bachelor’s degree, I would be able to advance my career and explore newer opportunities. I strongly recommend TechFied University to all my friends who want to complete or advance in their education.

Majoring In Criminal Justice At TechFied Helped Me Find My Dream Job

Dale Austin – Melbourne, Australia

I specialized my knowledge through majoring in Criminal Justice at TechFied University and that has landed me a job at the best law firm in my State. The benefits and perks are so much better than my past job and so is the experience. TechFied University didn’t just provide me with the required knowledge, it taught me how to apply that knowledge which is my competitive edge.

Unlike most of the online schools/online universities, TechFied online school offers majors ranging from justice administration, forensic sciences, corrections management, court reporting, home security, juvenile management, law enforcement, financial crime, cyber crime, legal and paralegal services, and so on.

Students who want to be a part of online degree program which TechFied University offers can get majors in virtually an innumerable number of fields and specializations. Every single majors and specialization at TechFied online schools in criminal justice fields offers narrow scope of study. Since the scope of study is narrow, a specialization or majors in criminal justice online degree teaches students numerous points which are specific to the topic.