TechFied University Opened My Eyes to the World of Psychology

Michael Estevez – Phoenix, Arizona

For as long as I can remember, I have always shown a keen interest in the subject of psychology; the intricate workings of the human psyche have always intrigued me to no end. I would always try to figure out the reasons behind why people behaved a certain way and whether such behaviors were direct results of human genetics or circumstances. It was then that I realized that this was the field I wished to pursue; hence I began researching the different colleges and universities that offered programs related to the field of psychology. Halfway through my research, I came to the conclusion that none of the programs offered by various colleges and universities fully constituted learning material related to the subject. They barely even scratched the surface. Disappointed and dejected, I even began to contemplate changing my major when one friend recommended TechFied University. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I decided to take a look. From then on, there was no looking back. I had finally found what I was looking for. TechFied University’s School of Psychology consisted of adequate learning material that equipped the student with a complete and well-rounded perspective on the world of psychology. With easy online access to student material such as notes, lectures and class presentations, I could satisfy my curiosity for the subject at my own pace and from wherever I wanted. In addition, TechFied University’s career counseling services offered by its Career Center aided in my decision with regard to choosing psychology as my chosen career path.

TechFied University Opened My Eyes to the World of Psychology

With TechFied University, I am now currently on the road towards becoming a full-fledged psychologist, dedicated to help people plagued with psychological and mental disorders overcome whatever problems they may have as a result of their conditions. Thanks TechFied University!

Sarah Wilkins – San Diego, California

As a person who is paralyzed from the waist down, I have, time and again, found it increasingly difficult to engage in activities that are part of everyday life. After losing the ability to walk as a result of a car accident that happened 7 years ago, performing everyday tasks was initially very difficult. Yet, with great support from my family and friends, I have steadily managed to overcome such challenges.

My disability did, however, in no way dampen my spirits when it came to achieving the best in every aspect of life. Education is one avenue in which I have worked very hard as I have always been a great believer in the enhancement of one’s skills, knowledge and capabilities in order to progress in life. I was greatly interested in Applied Arts, particularly the field of Interior Design, in which I wished to pursue a Bachelors degree. Unfortunately, after visiting numerous schools and colleges, I was unable to find any that suited the needs of the physically disabled. Undeterred, I proceeded to search for appropriate universities online. It was then that I ultimately found TechFied University; an online university that provides quality education that is affordable and accessible. TechFied University has managed to fill the void in life that I was unable to fill due to my disability.

Through TechFied University, I was able to satisfy my professional aspirations of becoming an interior designer; its comprehensive degree, diploma and certificate programs provided a rounded perspective with regard to the field of interior design, its requirements and its career prospects. I was able to access course material, lectures and presentations related to my field of study with just one click, thereby eliminating the hassle of having to go and attend classes at a proper campus. In addition, TechFied University is also committed towards providing academic assistance along with guidance on which career path to pursue.

Probably the best thing about studying at TechFied University is the atmosphere of encouragement that is maintained throughout; students are given the motivation to study courtesy the atmosphere of learning and development that is encouraged by both teachers and guidance counselors in an effort to enable students to grow and ultimately progress in life. Through TechFied University, I have managed to develop the motivation and determination to move ahead and continue on my quest for success. Thanks to TechFied, I am now a professional interior designer and am about to hold my first exhibition to showcase my line of work. All I can say is that TechFied University does indeed provide a suitable and conducive atmosphere for physically disabled students.